Now that the training programs have ended, so have the regular Tuesday night runs, so we are bringing back the Off-Season Casual Tuesday Group Runs. The runs will be member-hosted and posted on the FSRC Group Runs Facebook page – if you aren’t a member of the group, ask to join!

These are NOT formal group runs. Starting Tuesday, November 5th and running through Tuesday, February 4th, members are asked to “host a run”. As the “host” you would be responsible for picking the route for the week. Thanks to Lou King, we have Routetility. If you haven’t checked this out, you are missing out! Routetility includes routes from the training programs, as well as routes that members have added. Since it is the off-season, let’s keep the routes between 3-5 miles, as those wanting more can always add on afterwards.

If you are interested in hosting a run, please comment on the Facebook post with the date(s) you would like. You can either post something with the route or create an event. We will meet at 6:00 at the Talley Rec Center at Baker Park. All paces are welcome!!