Winter is coming! And recently, it definitely feels like it’s already here. With this in mind, we know that a little chill can’t stop the Steeps from running, so we reached out to our amazing members for recommendations on their favorite cold-weather running gear and bundling-up strategies to stay warm as the temperature drops. 

Before we get into the recommendations on staying warm, remember to stay safe, too! As the winter brings with it shorter days, many of our runs will be in the dark or low-light conditions. Be sure to wear a headlamp, reflective vest, body lights or similar safety gear so you can both see and be seen this season!

Our members’ cold-weather favorites and gear recommendations

  • From Lou King: “Layers, ear warmers, cap, track pants. I use Under Armour base layer and will be looking into Baleaf.”
  • Tawanda Johnson recommends that if your hair is too voluminous to fit under a beanie or skull cap, go with the double-gaiter combo!
  • From Lisa Beth: “For really cold runs, I found a great option on Amazon as far as underlayers go. I think it’s comparable to my Under Armour baselayer and $30 cheaper!”
  • From Harriet Langlois: “I love my Title Nine Cold-Killer pants for temps in the 20s or below. And I have a Champion full-zip jacket that I wear all winter with variable layers from my collection of race shirts, depending on the temperature. Steeps mittens over gloves are cozy for really cold days.”
  • From Sue Schultz Searcy: “I love Asics Thermoplis Tights. Lightweight but keep my legs warm.”
  • From Justin Dorsey: “The brand 32 Degrees men’s leggings keep the legs warm the entire run.”
  • From Allison Warner: “My Columbia Omni Heat shirt. It reflects back the heat I generate from moving. Warmth without bulk!”
  • From Barbara Smith Meely: “Definitely layers. I like 32 Degrees from Costco as a base layer and also love the Steeps mittens.”
  • From Jenny Ribecca: “My Adidas wind pants! And I get the men’s pants because they come with pockets, fit looser through the legs and are usually cheaper!”

There are more recommendations and gear tips to be found on the original Facebook post discussion. Click here to see them all and add your own recs!