Sometimes (or maybe all the time) a good run starts with a good song. We also know that not all earbuds or headphones will work for running, because us runners bounce and sweat, and many of us like to hear the ambient environment, too. So, what are the best wireless earbuds for running? We asked fellow Steeps for their favorites.

Note: Most of these earbuds are compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones.

Our favorite ‘buds

A multipurpose set of earbuds that is known worldwide is the AirPods Pro. These aren’t necessarily fitness-specific earbuds, but many runners love them. Steeplechasers member Michelle Edwards noted that she likes to use their “transparency” feature, which lets the user hear just enough ambient noise (e.g. an approaching vehicle, sirens, etc.) to stay safe. She also said that they’re super comfortable, which makes sense given their true-wireless nature and their silicone ear tips.

Another type of running earbuds loved by Steeps are made by Aftershokz. Oksana Lightfield especially likes how all Aftershokz models feature their “bone-conducting” technology, which delivers the sound through your cheekbone using transducers, and allows your ear to remain open. That certainly might sound weird, but apparently it works very well and keeps you as in-tune to your surroundings as possible. We’re huge fans of running safely!

There are several earbud manufacturers that make more “traditional” earbud sets that are specifically geared toward running and exercise. Preston Anderson, another fellow Steeplechasers member, particularly likes using Jaybird earbuds. One key feature about the Jaybirds that he likes is that they have a customizable fit, making them secure and adaptable to other situations, not just running (e.g. weightlifting, yoga, spin cycling, etc.).

For those of us who like to run with music, there’s obviously no shortage of competitive wireless earbuds and headsets out there. When Aidan Callery asked for recommendations on our Facebook group, he very well might have been overwhelmed by the response. Other Steeps mentioned brands like Jabra, Raycon, Pixel Buds, Samsung Galaxy Buds, Beats and more.

What can we say, us runners are just very opinionated about our gear!

You can see more of the Steeps’ recommendations by clicking here for the original Facebook discussion. Happy running, and happy listening!