Dear members of the Steeplechasers community,

With the influx of information regarding COVID-19 all around us, we would like to also provide some information and guidance to our local group. As Governor Hogan has advised, we are taking many considerations to hold safety procedures throughout the community including the temporary closing of all schools, and prohibition of any gatherings of 250 people or more. Many race directors nationally are also taking precautions by cancelling events which hold large gatherings of people in close proximity.

With the professional guidelines in consideration, we have decided to suspend all FSRC events and group activities at this time. We hold the health and safety of our members with paramount focus, and with these unknown circumstances, we need to follow the advice of our local and State health departments. With this in mind, please continue to observe simple public health steps as outlined below:

  • If you feel sick or are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, please contact your local medical professionals and keep distance from others.
  • Continue to wash hands thoroughly and avoid shaking of hands and most physical contact.
  • If you decide to still run with others, consider the social distancing around yourself and others to provide ample space around each other. Strive to maintain a minimum arms-length distance between fellow runners.
  • We continue to encourage everyone to keep running. We have a very active community within our group that can help provide the encouragement and offer route guidance for everyone to run on your own if necessary.
  • If further updates to these situations arise, we will continue to keep the members of our club informed. Please everyone stay safe and continue to enjoy the roads and trails that keep us moving.


Joshua Roane
FSRC President