Steeps Trail and Ultra Running

The Steeps Trail Runners are simply Steeplechasers who enjoy running on trails. Members span all paces and level of ability, from road runners enjoying an occasional run out in nature, to ultra runners training for their next 50k or 100 miler.

Our attitude is all about the fun that the supportive trail running community provides!  If you like splashing through creeks, jumping over logs, or just slowly wandering through the woods, you’ll love trail running with The Steeps!

We strongly emphasize the responsibilities we have as trail runners, both to the natural surroundings that we travel through and to others using the trails.  We promote volunteering at races, trail maintenance, and trail etiquette.

If you’re a current paid club member but not on the trail page, please sign up for our FSRC Trail Runners Facebook Page to keep up to date on what’s happening.

Bring your sense of adventure and come join us on the trails!

Group Runs

Group trail runs generally occur Saturday and/or Sunday mornings at locations in and around Frederick.  While we might not be as structured as the road runners when it comes to group runs, there always seems to be someone running trails somewhere.  There are a few groups within the Steeps Trail Runners that regularly get together to hit the trails on the weekends and sometimes throughout the week.

We also have groups that get together leading up to a few local trail races including our own “Rick’s Run and Ultra Challenge.”  Sometimes there are even groups that travel together to run or crew at races.

Rick O’Donnell Memorial 5.22 Mile Trail Run and Ultra Challenge (

Look out for our “Come Try Trail Running Runs” on rotating weekday evenings @ 6pm from March-October.  ALL PACES WELCOME and we will have guides to keep you on route.  These runs will be posted as an “event” on the FSRC Group Runs Facebook page for current Steeplechasers Members.  If you’re not a current member that would like to try trail running, please contact us with the link at the bottom of this page.  These runs will typically be 3-5 miles long so it’s recommend that you’re comfortable running that distance on the road.  Current club members are encouraged to post any questions on the FSRC Trail Runners Facebook page any time they’d like. Veteran trail runners in the group love to talk about trail running and are excited to share any knowledge to help anyone begin enjoying the many miles of trails our area has to offer.

Pace and Distance

All paces are welcome at our “Come Try Trail Running Runs” and many of the other group runs throughout the year.  Did you know that most of us walk/hike the hills?  No need to let pace intimidate you from jumping on the trails that meander through the beautiful forests around Frederick, we have people at every pace level and you’ll definitely find people running or hiking your pace.

We do recommend that you are comfortable running at least 3 miles on the road prior to starting trail running, as that is generally the minimum mileage of our local trail routes.

While the Trail Steeps runs may be advertised as anywhere from 3 to 20+ miles, we often run loops to meet whatever distance members need for that day.  For example, a 20-mile run may have a first segment of 3-5 miles.