Based on state and local guidance, FSRC events and group activities remain suspended until further notice. The only exception to this are certain training programs which follow the FSRC Small Group Running Policy. For the latest updates to our closures, please see the newsletter (sent to club members) and follow our Facebook page.

When you run, please try to avoid crowded situations where you cannot remain socially distant from people. We have a beautiful county with wonderful roads to run on away from people. In the city there are many roads to run which are not crowded as well.

If you must run in areas where you cannot maintain appropriate distance, wear a mask and keep your mouth and nose covered. It’s the law: “face coverings are required in outdoor public areas, whenever it is not possible to maintain physical distancing”

Due to the pandemic many races have been cancelled or have gone virtual. Normally the race director is responsible for making changes to our calendar but some of these have not been updated. Please double check with the race website as you are making your plans.