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This member always seems to have a smile on her face and is so friendly. She also is a past Steeps President. This week’s member spotlight is on the wonderful Jill Cameron.

“I grew up in a running family. Both of my parents were runners,

“…but [running] was always something I never truly enjoyed.”

In third grade, I “ran” Blomsday, a seven-and-a-half-mile road race in Spokane, WA, with my mom. It about killed me, and I vowed to never run again.

Throughout high school, I ran a little, but, again, it was more of a pain than a joy.

“My running finally took off when I was 32.”

A colleague of mine convinced me to run my first marathon in Portland Oregon. I thought she was crazy, but I did it, and I loved it (mostly).

I trained for two more marathons with my colleague, and then, after meeting Eric in my local running club, my marathon journey took off.

Eric and I began to travel to new places to run marathons.

“We even ran Boston, which was something I never imagined doing.”

Along our marathon journey, some marathons were better than others, but visiting new places and running new marathons was an adventure.

Unfortunately, throughout my training, I have had numerous injuries.

This past November, while training for my 27th marathon, I injured myself, and was only able to complete half of the marathon. My running was on hold for four months which, as you can all imagine, was frustrating.

My running mindset has changed recently. Currently, I love to just be able to run. I look forward to my early morning runs with my running ladies and my Sunday run with Eric.

“I love running because I can!”

I am not sure if I will continue my marathon journey, but I hope to run as long as possible!”

Jill Cameron with her running ladies.
Jill Cameron, pictured on the far right, with her “running ladies” at the FSRC’s Pie Run.