I began running about 10 years ago in my early 40s and ran four half-marathons in two years.

Unfortunately, I let life (three busy daughters) and work get in my way. I didn’t run for the most part of about seven years. I started back up a couple years ago, when a friend invited me to be a part of a Ragnar Trail team.

I was really enjoying running, but still continued to struggle with consistency. Then I decided to start the 41-day Runner’s World run streak to help me build the running habit.

I ended up completing a full year on the streak. Although I enjoyed the streak, I gave it up this summer when I decided to start marathon training. Running doesn’t come easy for me. I thought that trying to do both, streaking and marathon training, would be too much for me.

I heard about the FSRC group years ago. Since I didn’t really consider myself a real runner, I didn’t join at the time. I am also pretty introverted, so it was out of my comfort zone to join a club.

However, I really wanted to be part of a running community. I stumbled upon the Steeps Facebook page last fall. After I observed the page for a couple of months, in December, I finally joined the club .

Since joining, I participated in the half-marathon training group in the spring, and the full marathon training this fall. Running my first marathon at 50+ was a challenge. I would never have been able to do it without the support of the training group. I especially would like to thank the coaches, Meghan and Crystal.

I have also loved the opportunity to volunteer at local races with the Steeps. It helped me feel more connected to the Frederick running community.

I look forward to being the club secretary and meeting more of the club members. I also look forward to finally getting out to one of the Wednesday pub runs.

Michelle, third from left, and her three daughters.
Photo credit: Michelle Edwards.