This week’s awesome member spotlight is on cross country super-star Sophia Driver:

I started running with my Mom in 2014 at 8 years old when my School had a 5K.

When Mom decided to join the Steeplechasers Women’s distance festival training group and she brought me along, I started out running with her but was faster (much faster) and started running with other ladies who were also training, everyone was so nice and welcoming. It was a lot of fun.

I joined the Steeps shortly after that have been a member ever since. Since then, I’ve run a lot of 5Ks, have done the summer solstice 8K and my friend and I were a team at the Frederick Half Marathon.

My passion for running has always been there but it really took off when I started high school. I decided to run Cross Country at Frederick High school instead of playing soccer. It was a weird first year because of Covid but our team made the best of it. I went on to run track both indoor and outdoor. I always say the further I can run the better so a focus on the 2 mile and few relays here and there.

During my time running I have had some incredible experiences, from my team placing 2nd at the state meet, getting to run the 2 mile at the indoor state meet this past season and making the all-county team in XC and travelling to Alabama to run at nationals and of course all the amazing people I met along the way.

Running is something I see myself doing for a very long time. I plan to continue my education and running at the next level and my long-time goal is to say I have run a 100 miler. My favorite thing about our sport is that it’s something you can do forever and that’s my plan and I’m super excited to see where running will take me.